About MeKyle Headshot

I’m Kyle D. Stedman, assistant professor in Rockford University‘s Department of English. From my perspective as a rhetoric and composition scholar, I’m interested in the rhetoric of sound and music, intellectual property, fan studies, and writing program administration.

Beyond those interests, I read cookbooks, listen to videogame soundtracks, play music, explore Rockford, read science fiction, watch Lost, write personal essays, learn from the wise people in my community, and relish relationships.

About This Site

This space has evolved a lot over the years. It started as a place to think through academic things informally, especially when I was writing and thinking a lot about remix and authorship. Those posts are still there in my archives.

As I’ve evolved–focusing more on sound, music, and creative writing; putting energy into my dissertation and job; making and hacking my pedagogies; working on my podcast–my updates have slowed down. That’s ok: this can still be a good place for my conference reactions, teaching thoughts, sonic experiments, and anything else that comes up.

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