Hilarity Ensues: What Does ICFA Stand For?

This is just too good to pass up.

After attending the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts last week, I started following a bunch of friendly new people on Twitter–not necessarily because I had met them, but because they tweeted with the #icfa hashtag. But a couple of the Twitter profiles were identified with names but not images, leaving me to wonder, “Did I meet or see this person at the conference?”

Naturally, I turned to Google Images, searching for a couple of names to try to match faces with names. Then, for fun, I tried a Google search for ICFA.

And holy smokes–look what I found:

  1. The International Committee for Future Accelerators
  2. The International Cemetery and Funeral Association (which at some point added another C for Cremation)
  3. The International Custody and Fund Administration
  4. The International Cage Fighting Alliance
  5. The Insulating Concrete Form Association
  6. The International Carp Fishing Association
  7. The International Casual Furnishings Association
  8. Institut de Consulaire de Formation en Alternance
  9. The International Conference on Functional Acrylates
  10. The International Children’s Football Academy

Note that 9 out of 11 (counting my conference) use the I as International, though only #8 isn’t in English (though #10 is based in the Netherlands). Also notice how the final A is used: usually as Association, but also as Administration, and (my favorite) as Alliance.

But even more intriguing is the visual rhetoric of the logos used by all these different organizations. I mean, of the following, how many of the following images are obviously attached to one of the above organizations (or would be without the words in the image)? Generic icon-creation is intriguing from a visual rhetoric perspective: is it better to be safe, yet bland?

Which leads to the pressing question of authenticity. That is, which is the real ICFA, and which is the . . .


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  1. LOL at the last sentence! Great post!

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