Someone Else’s Review of Copyright Criminals

The Toronto Sun published a brief piece about PBS’s new documentary, Copyright Criminals. I like this review because the reviewer is both A) opposed to the copyleftist slant of the film, and B) interested enough in it that he reviews it anyway. I’d like to see more of that kind of open dialogue attitude.


When the creators and supporters of Copyright Criminals appeared at the Television Critics Association tour, it got a tad testy. And full disclosure, we were in the middle of the testiness, because we felt they were being marginally condescending. . . .

OK, just wait a second. We never said it was all wrong or all right. But people who do believe it’s “all wrong” to steal music samples without permission are not automatically too stupid to grasp the marvellous complexities. . . .

To say it was an argument would be overstating it, but it certainly was a tense exchange.

It’s a tough issue. And that’s why Copyright Criminals is a worthwhile documentary.

Article here.


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