Fifth Day of Sharing: Dark Matter

Artist's rendition of Dark Matter

A computer simulation shows how invisible dark matter coalesces in halos (shown in yellow). Photograph: Science Photo Library, via

For my fifth day of sharing, I’ll share an image and story from The Guardian about scientists who may have found two (two!) particles of dark matter. I like this story for two reasons:

1) The way they found the dark matter sounds like something straight out of Quantum Leap or Star Trek: Deep Space 9:

In a series of coordinated announcements at several US laboratories, researchers said they believed they had captured dark matter in a defunct iron ore mine half a mile underground.

Wait, huh? There really are creepy dark things going on in defunct iron ore mines? I knew it!

2) I also love the story because of the phrase “dark matter”–it’s so evocative that it practically demands to have people write stories and poems and draw pictures about it. Love it.


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