Good Intro to the Need for Remix

I’m glad to see articles pop up like Jonathan Melber’s recent piece on The Huffington Post, “A Remix Manifesto for Our New Copyright Czar.” It’s a good introduction to the importance of remix and the need for revamped copyright laws to protect cultural expression. Some favorite quotes:

Indeed, the job of copyright czar was created as part of yet another industry-approved intellectual-property law that ratchets up enforcement and strengthens copyright protection despite any real evidence that such measures are necessary, let alone desirable. . . .

Remix is about more than good music. It’s about our fundamental democratic right to self-expression. . . .

It’s worth remembering that, despite the alarmist claims of the content industry, copyright was not created to prop up giant media companies or pad the trust funds of celebrities’ heirs. The Founding Fathers were wary of an overzealous copyright policy because they understood what Congress has long since forgotten: that there are significant economic and social costs to granting “too much” copyright. . . .


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