Disney Buys Marvel . . . Fans, Beware

So Disney purchased Marvel, and the rights to all of its 5,000 (!) characters, for $4 billion.  This gives me two fears:

  1. That Marvel fans are going to see a steep rise in the number of cease and desist letters for uses that really should qualify as fair use.  (It might be nothing, but the first option for a Google search for marvel fan fiction leads to a site–marvelfanfiction.com–that no longer exists. Coincidence? Probably.)  Hopefully website owners and creative remixers are prepared to band together the way Harry Potter fans did a few years back. (By the way, I’m speaking with no knowledge of Marvel’s history of super-strictly defending its intellectual property from people celebrating their love for it.  Maybe they’ve played mean themselves too?)
  2. That we’ll soon see videos like this one, but with the Incredible Hulk or Wolverine playing Baloo the bear and Spiderman playing King Louie:

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